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Transform Your Clearwater Oasis: Unleash Comfort and Privacy with Exterior Solar Shades from Allied Shades, Blinds & Shutters!

 For residents seeking the highest level of privacy and comfort in Clearwater, Allied Shades, Blinds & Shutters proudly presents our exceptional collection of exterior solar shades. These long-lasting shades offer more than just protection – they effectively block out harmful UV rays, excessive heat, and intrusive glare. What’s more, they combat wind and mist, while significantly boosting energy efficiency, making them an ideal choice for maintaining your outdoor patio or sunroom.
Discover the advantages of selecting our exterior solar shades:
  • Rigorous testing of every component and fabric to ensure they can withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions in Clearwater
  • Thorough assessment of fabrics to extended UV exposure, guaranteeing that the colors remain vivid and vibrant over time, catering to the unique climate of Clearwater.
  • Effortless upkeep, as all exterior fabrics are designed for easy cleaning using mild soap and water, assisting you in preserving a spotless and dust-free outdoor space in Clearwater.
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