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Motorized Roller Shades-A complete guide to the right shades

A Guide to Motorized Blinds
Motorized roller shades are an advanced version of your regular window roller blinds. They are born out of the concept of “smart technologies”. Plus, they offer a great solution for windows that are hard to reach. Best motorized blinds depend on the style and type that suits your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
Are you considering buying motorized roller shades but aren’t quite sure of what to look for? Moreover, you wonder how much are motorized blinds and if they are worth the investment? Here are some benefits of motorized blinds San Antonio.

Benefits of motorized blinds
Highly convenient
Having tall, unreachable windows is a hassle when opening and closing them, especially if there are too many. Motorized blinds San Antonio solves that for you.

Improved Home Security
If you have motorized roller shades installed, you can increase the appearance of someone being at home. This can deter intruders.

Saves Energy
Manual roller blinds are not only more work, but they also require you to shut or open the blinds daily. Motorized roller shades do the work for you; that way, you can turn off lights at home in a timely fashion. Thus, saving energy that would otherwise be wasted during the day.

Shades vs. Blinds
As we previously discussed, motorized roller shades for windows come in various styles. The two main styles are shades and blinds. Best motorized blinds have horizontal panes called slats or vanes that automatically tilt when opening or closing. However, motorized shades allow you to raise and lower the entire window treatment.
Other than that, motorized roller shades for windows come in a wide variety. This gives you room to choose something that is perfect for you. From cellular shades that are shaped like honeycombs to traditional motorized blinds like roman shades made of a fabric that folds smoothly.

Good quality blinds with a smooth operation are a great choice for rooms that are smaller. Motorized roller shades leave enough room for you to decorate your space without worrying about the room getting stuffy. Moreover, motorized roller shades are a good decision for rooms where you want more privacy or shade.

Types of Motorized Roller Blinds
There are several motorized blinds for your windows to choose from. Before you worry about how much are motor blinds for, the start to purchasing any is understanding the types that exist. That way, you can figure out your budget accordingly.

Rechargeable Battery Powered
Battery powered motorized blinds for your windows are an extremely convenient option. The window treatment is attached to a tube at the top of the window frame with a battery pack and motor above it. This helps power the shade.
If you have windows around areas that don’t have power outlets, battery-powered blinds are the answer for you. The maximum maintenance you’ll have with these motorized roller shades is charging the battery when it runs low. These blinds don’t regular alkaline AA’s . Our Batteries are rechargeable, with charges lasting up 12 months. Charging is as easy as plugging in your cell phone!

DC Power Adapter
If you do, however, have electrical outlets to power your blinds but aren’t able to choose hard-wired blinds, then invest in a DC power adapter. This will also add to your question, “how much are motorized blinds for?” As this is an additional expense to your blinds.
Window treatments use DC powered adapters and plug into an outlet that connects to the tilt mechanism. This way, no direct electric supply is used. However, the visible wire can be a sight for sore eyes.

Solar Powered
Choosing to reduce your carbon footprint by using solar powered motorized blinds San Antonio benefits everyone. Not only is your electricity bill reduced, but you’ve managed to set an example for others to choose sustainable methods of electricity consumption.
Solar powered motorized blinds have solar panels connected to the motor at the top of the blinds. The panels convert sunlight into an energy source for the motor.

One of the traditional ways of installing motorized blinds San Antonio is directly connecting them to an outlet. Hard-wired blinds are costly to install but generally have a better output than battery pack motorized roller shades.

However, these are not to be installed by you, rather by an electrician with knowledge about installing blinds. There is little to no maintenance involved with hard-wired blinds, especially to keep them powered. Moreover, if you’re wondering how much are motorized blinds for? And want affordable options, this might be for you.
Smart technology is the future, and it keeps getting better every day. Eventually, it is going to become a regular part of our lives. Having such convenience in the palm of your hands is a privilege. Motorized blinds San Antonio are safe and hassle-free. They do the work for you.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Designed for silence, to minimize noise during operation.
  • A smaller motor head diameter minimizes the light gap.
  • LED low battery indicator to alert you when it’s time to recharge.
  • Operates with simple voice commands using “Alexa raise my Shades” or “Google raise my shades”

Radio Technology (RTS)

  • Exclusive “MY” feature saves your favorite shade position for quick access.
  • Compatible with all control options such as hand-held remotes and wireless wall switches.
  • Operates with simple voice commands using home automation and Amazon Alexa or Google Home through IFTTT.

You can choose any customizations, especially if you’re purchasing these motorized roller shades from a trusted supplier. If you’re looking for affordable and high-quality products with great customer service, check us out!

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